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Food Service Cook

Unique small Encinitas care facility with exceptional food service is looking for a daytime, full-time cook with an inspired thought and approach to food preparation and its presentation. The position requires close adherence to standards and guidelines, and affords autonomy and deep satisfaction.

To request a job application, please call 760-944-2976 or email You can also download an employment application below.

Christian Science Nursing - Supervisor

Sunland Home is at a unique point in its path forward. With commitment to the Christian Science Nursing Arts program, we are in need of strong leaders to help nurture and grow our Christian Science Nursing department.

We embrace teamwork and collaboration at Sunland . . . the opportunity to expand your Christian Science nursing practice is endless!

Candidates should exemplify the “Christian Science Nurse” bylaw, have strong ethics, have a variety of Christian Science nursing experience, and bring a sense of unity to the high standards of Christian Science Nursing.

To request a job application, please call 760-944-2976 or email You can also download an employment application below.


 “I thank God daily for leading me down to San Diego and for having applied for the “Intro to Christian Science Nursing” many years ago. The work has been an answer to prayer to be able to serve God better, to help my fellow man, to grow in my understanding and practice of Christian Science. Couldn’t ask for a better facility to work at or better people to work with. Sunland is the best – highest standard of excellence in work ethic, a beautiful orderly atmosphere, gratitude abounds from the top of the organization on down to everyone that works for Sunland.”

Patti Perron
Christian Science Nurse


Although a staff opening may not currently be posted, we’d love to hear from you! Sunland Home invites you to complete the employment application. All inquiries are confidential. Please click on the icon to the right to download a copy. Mail or email the application with your cover letter and resume to:

Pam Ludwig, Executive Director
Sunland Home Foundation, Inc.
691 Sparta Drive
Encinitas, CA 92024


Christian Science Nurses

Sunland invites Christian Science nurses to join our team! The provision for the Christian Science Nurse, found in the Manual of the Mother Church, by Mary Baker Eddy, requires the ability to pray. It descibes
the need for "a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice" in order to be a nurse (Art. VIII, Sect. 31). It means that love for God and man motivates your desire to nurse. Christian Science nurses of all experience levels, Journal-listed Christian Science nurses and those just entering the field, are encouraged to apply.

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